Woman Out on Bail Arrested for Stabbing 1-Year-Old in Stroller in Public

(DailyVantage.com) – Philadelphia police recently arrested a woman for allegedly stabbing a one-year-old infant in public, along with a different woman hours prior, and have since learned that the suspect was out on bail for a similar offense in New York City.

The suspected stabber, Takeira Hester, allegedly stabbed a man in New York City in 2022 and skipped her recent court hearings regarding the initial stabbing incident. New York City police issued a warrant for Hester’s arrest, but before they could capture her for the 2022 stabbing, Philadelphia police arrested her for a similar stabbing.

Hester allegedly fled to Philadelphia after skipping a hearing related to the 2022 assault and immediately perpetrated multiple stabbings against victims throughout the city. Hester reportedly stabbed a 24-year-old woman in the chest and finger, seemingly without motive. Hours after stabbing the woman, Hester allegedly stabbed a one-year-old infant in a stroller while his parents watched, again for an unknown reason. Philadelphia’s police captain, Frank Banford, described Hester’s various assaults as “completely random” during a statement to the press.

Hester almost evaded capture after stabbing the child in his stroller, but she dropped a bag that contained information leading to her arrest. The infant’s father reportedly gave the bag to police, who later arrested Hester for the stabbing. Hester currently faces a plethora of charges for the heinous stabbing, including attempted murder and reckless endangerment. The two recent stabbing victims are currently in stable condition, despite Hester’s alleged assaults, and are expected to make a full recovery.

According to authorities, the latest two stabbings are hardly surprising given Hester’s criminal record, including her prior stabbing incident in New York City. In 2022, Hester allegedly got into a fight with a woman while onboard a train. A nearby man attempted to intervene and stop the altercation between Hester and the other woman, but Hester stabbed the man multiple times. The victim survived, and authorities arrested Hester hours after she fled the scene.

Despite her involvement in the stabbing, a judge allowed Hester to pay $10,000 for cash bail in February 2023. Hester then remained in the city for over a year but recently skipped out on court dates related to the incident, leaving prosecutors unsure of how to proceed in the 2022 stabbing case. Hester is currently incarcerated in a Philadelphia jail and will remain in confinement unless she pays her $4 million bail. If convicted for the various stabbing offenses, Hester could spend more than a decade in prison.

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