Biden Campaign Targets Nikki Haley Supporters in New Ad

( – The campaign of President Joe Biden is attempting to woo supporters of once-presidential aspirant Nikki Haley, unapologetically calling on Republicans who are wary of another Donald Trump presidency to vote Democrat instead.

“Save America. Join us,” the ad says, claiming that former president Trump “doesn’t want” the votes of Republicans who picked Haley during the Republican presidential primary. Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and a former member of the Trump administration as the U.S.’ ambassador to the United Nations, was the last holdout among the former commander-in-chief’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. She finally conceded to Trump after losing several primaries – including in her home state of South Carolina – but has yet to formally endorse Trump for the presidency.

Trump has also repeatedly disparaged his former ambassador to the U.N., dubbing her with the monicker “Birdbrain.” He has also called her a “RINO,” or “Republican in Name Only,” “crazy,” and said she has “gone haywire.” The Biden ad capitalized on this, including clips of Trump calling Haley names, and also included a quote where the former chief executive says, “I don’t need votes [from supporters of Haley]; I have all the votes I need.”

A senior member of Biden’s campaign staff, Michael Tyler, who serves as the campaign’s director for communications, doubled down on the call to action targeting Haley’s supporters.

If anyone wants to be saved from the “chaos, division, and violence” that would supposedly characterize another Trump presidency, Tyler said, Biden’s campaign would welcome their support. Tyler added that the president is building a “broad and diverse coalition of voters” who want to preserve American freedom and democracy. According to the president’s campaign, they plan to shell out at least a million dollars to increase the ad’s visibility, especially in states where Haley made a strong showing against Trump.

Interestingly, early polls, when Haley was still in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, showed that among those vying for the GOP’s formal backing for president, the former South Carolina governor had the best chance of beating Biden in a general election.

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