Car Slams Into Biden Motorcade Event Near Delaware HQ

( – President Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in a car crash recently when a drunk driver plowed his vehicle into another car that was part of the contingent of vehicles escorting the president during a visit to Wilmington, Delaware.

The president was unharmed, and the car hit was one used by the Secret Service. Still, as part of their security protocols, Secret Service agents quickly escorted their charge away from the area where the incident occurred.

The president, accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, had just come out of a campaign dinner event held at his campaign headquarters located in downtown Wilmington. He was talking to members of his staff and a number of reporters and discussing poll numbers when a silver sedan with Delaware plates crashed into one of the Secret Service’s SUVs being used to temporarily cordon off the area the president was in. The First Lady had only a few moments before entering a presidential vehicle. The president looked shocked for a bit before being whisked away by his protective detail.

The offending vehicle also attempted to move forward into the closed-off area, but agents then surrounded the sedan with their guns. The suspect stepped out, hands raised, and surrendered to the agents. 46-year-old James Cooper, who is also from Wilmington, was charged with inattentive driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. The incident was deemed an accident.

The Bidens reached their residence around 11 minutes after the incident, and the president’s schedule was otherwise uninterrupted by the crash.

No other people were injured in the incident, and authorities have provided no other details regarding the incident. A spokesperson for the Secret Service said that Cooper is not considered to be a serious threat to the president.

“There was no protective interest associated with this event,” Special Agent Steve Kopek told reporters.

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