28-Year-Old Woman Approved for Euthanasia Due to Incurable Mental Illness

(DailyVantage.com) – Dutch authorities have approved a 28-year-old Dutch woman who lives in a town bordering Germany for euthanasia due to her ongoing struggle with an incurable mental illness.

The woman in question, Zoraya ter Beek, visited with a psychiatrist about her various mental issues, which ended with the psychiatrist claiming that her mental illness struggles would never improve, prompting Beek to seek euthanasia. Beek isn’t suffering from any physical ailments but is diagnosed as autistic, and prior psychiatrists have said that Beek suffers from borderline personality disorder and chronic depression.

Beek claims that her various mental illnesses have limited her ability to enjoy life and pursue her dream of being a mental health professional. Beek’s mental illness reportedly caused her to drop out of school, resulting in her failing to meet the requirements for her future career. Due to the effect her mental illnesses have had on her life, Beek says she’s ready to use euthanasia to end her life. Beek’s decision reportedly stems from her psychiatrist claiming that they couldn’t help her mental illnesses with additional treatment and that she’d never get better.

Beek says that her decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as Beek regularly claims that unless her mental illnesses get better, she doesn’t want to live anymore. Beek shared details about how she plans to die, stating that she’ll use the life-ending procedure in her home. Beek has also reportedly requested that her longtime boyfriend remain with her until after she dies from the euthanasia. Beek also said that she won’t play any music during the procedure.

While discussing the planned euthanasia procedure, Beek explained the process and how a doctor would administer the medication that kills her. According to Beek, the medical professional who performs her procedure will begin by offering her a drink or something else to calm her down. Beek said that after she confirms that she’s ready for the procedure, the person performing the euthanasia would ensure she’s sure about the procedure by asking if she’s prepared before ultimately rendering a life-ending medication.

Doctors performing a euthanasia procedure use multiple drugs to make the entire process as stress-free and painless for a patient as possible. To begin the procedure, a medical professional will give a patient a powerful sedative, which renders them unconscious. Once a patient falls unconscious, the person performing the euthanasia injects them with a drug that causes the heart to stop beating, killing them. Euthanasia poses a legal challenge to those performing the controversial procedure, as Dutch officials investigate euthanasia procedures to ensure their lawfulness.

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