DeSantis BLASTED – His Response Is PERFECT!

( – Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis blasted CNN for its analysis of his policies, which found that DeSantis’ policies alienated him from suburban mothers. DeSantis criticized CNN’s analysis and claimed that his policies make him more popular among suburban mothers within his state, then claimed that he won his seat with over 1.5 million votes, with suburban mothers being a big part of that voter demographic.

CNN’s analysis of DeSantis comes after his popularity has steadily declined over the past few months, a trend that DeSantis has acknowledged recently. DeSantis claims that his decline in popularity is due to negative media attention and his return to his duties as Florida’s governor. Despite his declining popularity, DeSantis is the second-most popular Republican running in next year’s election, with Donald Trump being the only candidate to surpass DeSantis in support. DeSantis also claims the negative analysis from CNN is due to the political left viewing him as a “threat” and as the only candidate who could defeat President Joe Biden.

DeSantis’ decline in popularity hasn’t prevented him from taking the stage and remaining open about his stances on various issues. Recently, DeSantis even described his intention to overhaul the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the DOJ due to the latest criminal indictment against the former president. DeSantis defended Trump, a departure from the ongoing hostility between the two candidates.

DeSantis claims the FBI and DOJ are being weaponized by the Biden administration and has announced his intention to rework the federal bodies to remove the influence of political bias. While such an outcome is unlikely, DeSantis has identified a key issue among voters: the weaponization of government institutions for political reasons.

DeSantis has consistently made headlines throughout his presidential campaign, most notably for his “anti-woke” stance, which has drawn heavy criticism from mainstream media outlets. DeSantis has struggled with LGTBQ communities and is even engaged in an active legal battle with the Walt Disney Corporation. Despite this, DeSantis remains the second-most popular GOP candidate running in next year’s election and could receive the nomination if Trump doesn’t maintain his currently declining lead.

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