Economics Professor at Protest Tackled by Police, Shouts ‘I’m a Professor’

( – As pro-Palestinian protests continue to rage all around universities in the country, a professor from Emory University in Georgia was arrested and charged with several offenses, including simple battery of an officer.

After approaching several police officers arresting a student protester at a rally in the Emory campus, university economics professor Caroline Fohlin was tackled to the ground by officers and placed in handcuffs. The video of her arrest has gone viral, showing the professor approaching really close to police officers and then leaning in, just before another officer grabs her wrist and places her under arrest. Fohlin appears to resist, after which the arresting officer makes the call to twist her to the ground, after which he puts Fohlin’s hands behind her back, and cuffs her.

Although out her arrest, the 57-year-old Fohlin is heard screaming, “I’m a professor, I’m a professor!” repeatedly, and “I’m a professor of economics!” Fohlin appears to calm down a short while later, saying, “I reacted impulsively. I apologize. Please remove the handcuffs.” In another video of the incident, she is heard admitting that she “impulsively hit him [police officer]” on the head, but only “lightly”, supposedly just to get the officer’s attention.

The professor was booked at the DeKalb County jail, and was charged with battery of a police officer, along with disorderly conduct.

Representation for Fohlin, Attorney Gregory Clement, said that the professor was not participating at the rally and only approached officers out of concern over how roughly the students were being treated. Clement said that his client intends to “vigorously defend” against the charges levelled against her in court.

Meanwhile, the NYPD has managed to clear Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall, which was occupied pro-Palestinian protesters. Using a large truck with a ramp, officers entered the building through a window on the second floor. Roughly 40 individuals were arrested in the building’s ground floor. Police also cleared out the encampment put up by protesters. All in all, approximately 100 people were arrested at the prestigious New York university.

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