Dem Consultant Slams Young Voters Leaving Biden: “F*ck You!”

( – A Democratic political consultant recently addressed the large number of young voters who aren’t planning on voting for President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, criticizing them for their lack of political awareness.

According to James Carville, who worked as a political consultant for former President Bill Clinton, younger voters should not support former President Donald Trump for several reasons. Among the reasons listed by Carville are Trump’s Reagan-era-like policies and the ongoing battle in the Supreme Court, which Carville says may result in an erosion of younger Americans’ rights.

Carville also briefly addressed the growing concerns about Trump and Biden’s age, claiming that younger voters should still participate in the national election even if they don’t feel comfortable voting for a candidate over 80. According to Carville, younger voters have to participate in the presidential election if the Democrats want a chance at winning. Carville encouraged Democratic officials to start reaching out to younger voters and encouraging them to vote. He said that young Americans should vote in the upcoming election as if it’ll determine the rest of American history. Carville claims that the importance of the 2024 election cannot be understated.

During his comments, Carville referenced the Supreme Court and the Heritage Foundation, claiming that if Trump secured a second presidential term, he would turn the United States into a theocracy. Carville also highlighted the top issues amongst younger voters, including abortion, higher interest rates, and growing house prices. While encouraging younger voters to support President Joe Biden, Carville said that the Supreme Court lacks integrity and that the Democratic Party needs more support from younger minorities.

While Carville claimed that his warning to younger voters lacked a political bias, his career as a consultant for the Democratic Party raised eyebrows among online audiences. Carville defends President Joe Biden on various podcasts, including when he argued against people criticizing Biden for the Transgender Day of Visibility. The White House infamously declared March 31 as the Transgender Day of Visibility, which also happened to be Easter Sunday. Carville claimed that the Biden administration had no knowledge of the overlapping date and said that Biden didn’t intentionally alienate Christians with the controversial decision.

Carville’s comments come as President Joe Biden fails to outperform Trump in national polls, causing some Democrats to worry about the president’s chances of winning a second term. A recent CNN survey indicates that Trump leads Biden by more than five points in national polls, making Trump the most popular presidential candidate in the country.

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