Governor Prohibits Lab-Created Meat to Oppose WEF Agenda

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has prohibited lab-created meat through a new bill he signed into law as part of an ongoing effort to push back against policies from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and protect local ranchers.

DeSantis cited the bill as a response to liberal ideologues who blame ranchers for contributing to global warming and claimed that he wishes to protect Florida’s growing agricultural industry. DeSantis shared information about the bill on his social media accounts and said that he wouldn’t allow the WEF to restrict Floridians’ access to real meat despite the global push towards lab-grown meat by the organization.

The governor also briefly addressed other policies proposed by the WEF, all aimed at reducing carbon emissions and combatting global warming. DeSantis expressly referred to the organization’s push for electric vehicles and using bugs as an alternative source of food, policies the governor claims are an apparent restriction on freedom rather than an active effort to institute meaningful policies. When discussing the WEF, DeSantis said that the organization’s members act hypocritically and do not adhere to the same restrictions they wish to see enacted in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.

DeSantis claims he won’t allow WEF policies to pass in Florida and cites other WEF restrictions he opposes. He highlighted the WEF’s push for a centralized global currency, a highly controversial proposal many world leaders oppose. DeSantis also highlighted how certain banks in Florida attempted to limit or cancel their customers’ services due to their political beliefs, a decision that DeSantis said isn’t aligned with Florida law. While DeSantis expressly referred to the WEF policies when discussing how he wouldn’t allow liberal ideology to gain traction in Florida, the governor also briefly addressed his efforts to prevent overly restrictive federal policies within the state.

Florida famously passed legislation that prevented members of China’s government, led by the Chinese Communist Party, from purchasing land in Florida. DeSantis also rejected a bill that would’ve allowed the federal government to monitor Americans who purchased firearms using a credit card, which DeSantis compared to China’s infamous social credit system. Although DeSantis opposed the federal government, he seems more concerned with the WEF’s effort at introducing lab-grown meat into American markets.

The WEF has long cited meat consumption as a leading contributor to global carbon emissions, and members of the organization have cited lab-grown meat and bug protein as a potential alternative to traditional meat from livestock. The WEF’s members claim that they only wish to introduce lab-grown meat as an alternative to meat from livestock, a statement DeSantis deemed “false.” According to DeSantis, the WEF aims to introduce lab-grown meat into the market and then cite the practice as a better alternative to meat from the agricultural industry. DeSantis said that despite the WEF’s attempts at reducing freedoms for people across the globe, his state won’t allow such restrictions to pass.

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