Biden Plans to Admit Palestinians into the U.S. as Refugees

( – White House officials, led by President Joe Biden, are reportedly looking into the possibility of admitting a yet-to-be determined number of Palestinians from Gaza as refugees into the United States.

Residents of Gaza who have relatives or loved ones living in the U.S. – at least those who are legal citizens or permanent legal residents – will be the primary beneficiaries of the incentive.

The plans reportedly span several departments in the executive branch, with various agencies discussing possible strategies to welcome Palestinians into America, as well as the logistics that will be involved in doing so. One possible approach would be to use the Refugee Admissions Program, an old U.S. initiative that would allow Palestinians with ties to the U.S. who have escaped to Egypt to be flown into the States. There is also the possibility of coordinating with Egypt to screen Palestinians who would qualify to be listed as refugees. Egypt, however, has to-date remained largely closed off to refugees trying to flee the continued violence and hostilities in Gaza.

Palestinians covered by the planned initiative would need to pass multiple tests, which would include medical and security screenings, as well submit to other eligibility requirements. If they pass everything, only then would they be granted a special refugee status and be allowed to fly into the U.S. As refugees, beneficiaries would automatically be granted permanent residency status as well as housing assistance and a pathway to becoming a U.S. citizen.

In a statement, the White House said that the U.S. government has already helped around “1,800 American citizens and their families” to flee from Gaza. The government also said that it is currently focused on helping relocate “vulnerable individuals”, such as children suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses, who are transferred to “nearby hospitals in the region.”

The statement also indicated that the U.S. would support a ceasefire and a “hostage deal” – Hamas still holds hundreds of captives – that would lead to a more “stable” situation in the area and eventually, a “two-state solution.”

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