FBI Detains Journalist Over J6 Allegations

(DailyVantage.com) – Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently arrested a journalist from Oregon due to his alleged ties to the infamous January 6 Capitol riot. According to the FBI, 34-year-old Oregon resident David Medina took part in the riot and illegally entered restricted areas alongside other protestors. Federal authorities also accused Medina of obstruction and damage to federal property, along with other offenses, with the journalist facing a potential total sentence of three years in federal prison.

Median briefly addressed his arrest and announced that he’d plead not guilty to the various charges against him. Among the charges against Medina are disorderly conduct, unlawful entry, obstruction, and destruction of property. Although Medina did attend the Capitol protests, his arrest received heavy backlash from online commenters who believed Medina was a victim of a politicized justice system. Medina is the latest high-profile arrest stemming from the Capitol riot, with many of the alleged rioters facing similar charges of obstruction.

Medina is a conservative podcaster and independent journalist with a loyal following within Oregon and occasionally works as a political consultant. According to Medina, the FBI raided his home shortly after the January 6th incident. Despite raiding Medina’s home, federal authorities didn’t detain the controversial conservative figure or pursue legal action against him. Medina claims that he reached out to the FBI to ask about the federal agency’s investigation into him, and the FBI asked him to come to a local office.

Medina reached out to the federal authorities after losing employment with a local youth correctional facility, which he claims is the latest instance of losing a job due to the FBI’s investigation into his personal life. Upon arriving at the FBI’s office, federal authorities arrested Medina despite his teenage daughter visiting the office alongside him. The FBI released a statement about the arrest, which confirmed a United States attorney issued an arrest warrant from Medina.

Prosecutors claim that Medina’s presence at the Capitol riot is well documented and that they contain sufficient evidence that he acted illegally. Despite his arrest, Medina remained confident about the case against him and expressed his support for former President Donald Trump. Medina also said that he believes that media outlets like Fox News and CNN are corrupt and that independent content creators like him are necessary for the American public.

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