Getting DESPERATE – Can He Still SAVE This!?

( – Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is reportedly attempting to reset his presidential campaign following his decline in popularity among various demographics. According to Donald Trump’s campaign senior adviser, Jason Miller, DeSantis is trying to attach his name to well-known figures to bolster his reputation.

One such figure is the current Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, a popular GOP governor who could end up as DeSantis’ running mate. Miller believes that DeSantis is desperately trying to attach his name to someone with a proven track record and popularity, as DeSantis’ popularity has been declining over the past few months. Despite DeSantis’ efforts to the contrary, he’s still lagging behind Trump in polls conducted across the country.

A Turning Point Action poll indicated that Donald Trump had a staggering popularity rating of 86 percent among GOP voters. In second place was Perry Johnson, who had an eight percent popularity rating. Ron DeSantis came in third with just four percent of voters’ support, a steep decline from his performance in other polls, in which he’s usually in second place. The poll is indicative of DeSantis’s current predicament, his declining popularity, and Trump’s resurgence among Independents and Republicans.

Trump’s popularity has grown over the past few months, with him maintaining a lead as the GOP’s most popular candidate. Despite Trump’s strong lead over him, DeSantis has remained confident that he’s the best candidate to challenge Joe Biden in next year’s election.

While DeSantis isn’t the most popular GOP candidate, he is the first major party candidate to file paperwork for South Carolina’s primary, making him one of the most proactive GOP candidates. DeSantis still has an uphill battle to surpass Trump in popularity, but he could conceivably become the Republican candidate should Trump fall behind. Trump’s ongoing legal cases will go to trial during the primary season, a development that could give DeSantis the edge he needs to become the most popular GOP candidate.

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