GOP Senator Calls On Senate Dems To Pass Israel Aid Bill Again

( – Republican Kansas Senator Roger Marshall panned Senate Democrats and the administration of President Joe Biden after a vote he called to support Israel was denied by liberals in the Upper House.

“President Biden has empowered Iran,” Marshall wrote in a press release on his website. The president, he said, has given America “war through weakness,” contrasting Biden with former president Ronald Reagan, whom Marshall said gave America “peace through strength.” He also claimed that the U.S.’s refusal to back Israel and thus weaken U.S. influence in the region gives Iran the opportunity to “develop nuclear warheads” as well as “sell $1 billion of oil every week to China.”

The standalone Israel-support bill was previously passed in Congress with bipartisan support. However, Republicans are the majority in the House, while Democrats are the majority in the Senate and the White House. If the bill had passed, it would have seen a $14.3 billion support package for Israel, which would have been redirected from the budget of the Internal Revenue Service under Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Democrats reasoned that the bill was rejected because it did not include a support package for Ukraine. Marshall called that reason into question, however, saying that while Democrats spend a lot of time defending an aid package for Ukraine, no one is doing the same for Israel.

“They seem to be allergic to the word ‘Israel’,” he said.

President Biden has been working towards obtaining a joint funding package for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and U.S. border security, but the Kansas senator has opposed the initiative. Instead, he argues that each issue should be deliberated and voted on separately.

Another GOP senator, Eric Schmitt from Missouri, agreed, saying that a joint funding package was just the Democrats’ way of “putting on a bunch of unrelated issues” in order to “bootstrap Ukraine aid.” Republican Utah Senator Mike Lee added that the issues of Israel and Ukraine have distinct regional differences, which warrants separate discussion.

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