Host Urges Limiting Trump in Debates to Protect Biden

( – Some celebrities are advocating for debate moderators to limit former President Donald Trump’s speech in the presidential debates, to protect President Biden, and to prevent Trump’s popular debating style, which includes the use of personal attacks. Sara Haines, one of the hosts for ABC’s liberal talk show “The View,” said she hopes moderators would censor Donald Trump during the debates and prevent him from speaking out of turn. Haines notably didn’t suggest censoring Biden’s speech during the debates.

Whoopi Goldberg, another one of The View’s hosts, expressed her desire to see people use physical violence against Trump. Goldberg expressly referred to Hillary Clinton and said she wished Clinton had hit Trump during the 2016 presidential election. The View’s various hosts regularly talk about Trump and criticize the former president while praising President Biden. Haines, in particular, is exceptionally critical of Donald Trump. Along with calling for censorship, Haines also suggested that moderators keep Trump separate from the debate stage and have independent fact-checkers available to test the validity of his claims during a debate.

Haines also called for moderators to turn off Trump’s microphone after his allotted time is up, given the former president’s tendency to talk past his time limits and talk over other candidates. Haines then accused Trump of lying during debates, being immature, and blatantly misleading audience members by misrepresenting the truth. While discussing the upcoming debates, the hosts of The View expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to perform against Trump.

According to Goldberg and Haines, American citizens would give Biden heightened scrutiny if he made any mistakes during a debate with Trump. Biden regularly faces criticisms for his blunders, which result in online audiences claiming the president is too old to hold office. Biden’s lapses in memory are another cause of concern for many Americans, as Biden often refers to long-deceased officials while talking about current events. Despite the fears amongst liberals that Biden isn’t capable of debating Trump, Biden remains confident that he possesses the mental ability to serve as president.

While discussing the potential debates between Trump and Biden, Haines stated that between the two presidential candidates, Biden would lose more from a poor performance. Haines cited Trump’s loyal voter base and how Republicans will likely vote for the former president regardless of how he presents himself. Haines contrasted Trump’s faithful followers to Democratic voters, whom she claims are less likely to vote for President Biden if he appears confused or makes too many mistakes during the debate.

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