House Approves Bill Blocking Funding For Housing Illegal Immigrants

( – The House of Representatives approved a bill that would prevent federal funding’s use in housing illegal immigrants, pushing the bill into the Senate. Although the House of Representatives supports the legislation, it’s unlikely that the Senate will enact the bill into law, given the Democratic majority within the Congressional body. The bill is known as the Protecting Our Communities from Failure to Secure the Border Act and was passed in the House of Representatives by a 21-vote margin.

Representative Nicole Malliotakis introduced the bill, which would prevent federal funding from being used to finance migrant camps on federal land. The bill will also cancel the Floyd Bennet Field lease, ending the New York City migrant camp, which houses approximately 2,000 immigrants. According to Malliotakis, providing free housing to migrants on federal land is “unfair” to citizens near the encampments due to the burden on the taxpayer.

Malliotakis claims she’s working with local and federal officials to prevent elected officials like President Joe Biden, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul from using taxpayer money to pay for the ongoing immigration surge. Malliotakis also claimed that the Senate’s Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, must support the legislation once the Senate votes on it. Malliotakis’ bill comes as major cities struggle to provide housing for illegal immigrants, costing them billions of dollars.

One city that Malliotakis is focused on is New York City, which is experiencing a record immigration surge under Hochul’s and Adams’ administrations. According to some reports, providing housing to immigrants will cost New York City approximately $12 billion over the next few years. New York City officials have already cut different departments’ budgets to help pay for the high costs of housing the city’s immigrants.

According to some reports, under President Biden’s administration, more than ten million people illegally entered the United States. Republicans often cite the ongoing surge of immigration as a threat to national security and openly support Malliotakis’ bill as a potential solution to the ongoing housing crisis for illegal immigrants. Despite facing heavy backlash for the Biden Administration’s failure to address the continuing illegal immigration crisis, the White House released a statement claiming Biden opposes Malliotakis’ proposed legislation.

Although Malliotakis’ bill will appear before the Senate for a vote, it is doubtful that the Senate will sign the proposed legislation into law.

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