Hunter Biden Rejects House GOP Subpoena, Requests a Public Hearing at the Capitol

( – Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, rejected a subpoena from GOP members of the House of Representatives. The subpoena would have compelled Hunter Biden to testify before members of the House in a private deposition regarding the ongoing probe by the House Oversight Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee. After rejecting the private subpoena, Hunter Biden requested a public hearing instead.

According to Hunter Biden, the ongoing probes into his family and President Biden’s actions as Barack Obama’s Vice President are illegitimate and include manipulated evidence and testimony. The investigation Hunter Biden refers to originated from allegations of President Biden receiving payments from businesses owned by Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden claims that President Biden never received any money from his businesses or his business associates and claims the Republican party is attempting to humiliate him and President Biden through its ongoing investigation.

Hunter Biden also said that the House of Representatives won’t fulfill his request for a public hearing, as the Republicans investigating his family don’t want an “open process” involving members of the public. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, is also advocating for the public hearings and claims that the criminal charges against Hunter Biden are the result of political pressure. In response to the political pressure, Lowell requested the Department of Justice provide documents detailing its decision to charge Hunter Biden with firearm crimes.

Lowell requested communications between members of the Department of Justice relating to the investigation and decisions regarding cases against Hunter Biden. The gun charges against Hunter Biden originated from Delaware due to Hunter Biden allegedly lying on a firearm possession form. The Delaware case isn’t the only pending legal action against Hunter Biden, as the president’s son also faces tax charges in California.

Although Hunter Biden rejected the subpoena from the House of Representatives, the investigation into his business dealings and President Biden’s potential involvement in corruption is ongoing. Hunter Biden claims the GOP’s investigation into his family is unwarranted and maintains that President Biden wasn’t involved in his business dealings or discussions with business partners. Despite Hunter Biden’s claims, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer believes President Biden received illegal payments and personally benefitted from Hunter Biden’s businesses and connections to foreign officials.

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