Illegal Alien Released, Re-Arrested by ICE for Child Molestation

( – Rhode Island authorities recently arrested an illegal immigrant with a history of criminal offenses in Providence for allegedly molesting an underage victim. Police haven’t identified the immigrant beyond releasing his home country — Guatemala — and discussing his prior detainment encounters with local law enforcement. According to authorities, the immigrant managed to leave detainment after local authorities ignored a request for the facility to notify ICE agents about his pending release.

A spokesperson for ICE spoke about the heinous offenses and said that authorities aren’t sure when the unnamed illegal immigrant initially entered the United States. Police arrested the Guatemalan national after he committed child molestation in May 2023 but ignored a request for detainment from ICE and ultimately released him. His first child molestation case remains open and hadn’t reached the trial stage when police re-arrested him for the same offense. ICE officials cite the lackluster detainment request policies across the nation as an underlying cause for similar cases.

According to ICE, many state officials outright ignore detainment requests from Immigration authorities and refuse to cooperate with authorities in monitoring illegal immigrants. ICE specifically cited policies in various immigration-friendly cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, which prevent local state police from cooperating in investigations into illegal immigrants. A spokesperson for ICE claims that the policy preventing cooperation between authorities allows for dangerous criminals, such as the unnamed Guatemala offender, to avoid criminal consequences for heinous offenses.

Although the majority of illegal immigrants who commit crimes within the United States act alone, some reports indicate a growing trend of gang violence among immigrants entering the country. New York City is currently experiencing an upward trend of violent crimes, many of which authorities believe are related to gangs from other countries. Among the examples cited by New York City authorities are various shootings, assaults on police officers, and increased robberies throughout the city.

New York City police claim the city’s status as one of the sanctuary cities throughout the United States, enabling illegal immigrants to act illegally. New York City lawmakers famously classified the city as a city that won’t use deportation, causing a massive surge of immigration to the city over the past few years. Despite the growing violent crime rates and overwhelming use of the city’s resources and budgets, many New York City lawmakers claim the migration crisis isn’t a dire issue for city residents.

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