Illegal Alien Sparks High-Speed Chase in Stolen Tow Truck

( – Maryland authorities recently entered a high-speed police chase with a man who allegedly stole a tow truck and turned out to be an illegal immigrant from Nicaragua. During the high-speed chase, the alleged truck thief struck multiple vehicles, including various police cars, attempting to stop him. The suspected truck thief sustained injuries from the police chase, and authorities claimed police would relocate him to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

The immigrant accused of stealing the tow truck is Cesar Flavio Lanuza, a citizen of Nicaragua who illegally entered the United States. Authorities with ICE confirmed that immigration officials are familiar with Lanuza and recently requested a detainer for the Nicaraguan national. Lanuza is the latest immigrant targeted by a new immigration policy aimed at removing illegal immigrants due to concerns regarding the safety of United States citizens.

Despite the detainer request from ICE, Maryland authorities allowed an early release for the illegal immigrant, a decision which ICE officials vehemently disagree with. According to ICE officials, the local police department’s refusal to follow detainer requests enables incidents like the high-speed chase involving Lanuza. ICE filed another detainer request after Lanuza’s arrest, which local authorities will likely grant given the media attention surrounding Lanuza’s case. Lanuza’s case is yet another instance of an illegal immigrant avoiding detainment and subsequent deportation, a growing trend throughout the United States.

A similar incident occurred in Georgia, where an illegal immigrant allegedly murdered a nursing student after authorities released him instead of deporting him. According to authorities, Joe Antonio Ibarra illegally entered the United States through the southern border, but immigration officials quickly detained him at an immigration facility. Despite Ibarra’s illegal entry, officials released him and provided him with a bus ride to New York City. Ibarra then allegedly traveled to Georgia, where authorities claim he murdered 22-year-old Laken Riley.

Lanuza and Ibarra are both immigrants who illegally entered the United States without consequence, which lawmakers claim is a growing trend under the Biden administration. Many Republican officials cite cases like Ibarra and Lanuza’s as examples of Biden’s failure to enforce border security, which in turn enables crimes against citizens by immigrants. Despite the heavy media attention surrounding cases like Lanuza’s, President Biden remains adamant that there isn’t an ongoing immigration crisis and the southern border is secure.

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