Illegal Immigrants Arrested After Intense Chase on Smuggling Charges

( – Texas authorities have arrested two illegal immigrants for smuggling people into the United States, along with charges relating to an intense chase leading up to the immigrants’ arrests. Officers responding to the chase used dashcams to capture the intense high-speed pursuit, which saw the immigrants and responding officers go more than 100 miles per hour. Texas law enforcement officials pursued the immigrants until their car sustained a catastrophic malfunction, forcing them to pull the vehicle over.

While police began approaching the suspects’ stopped vehicle, two additional unidentified illegal immigrants exited the car and attempted to run from officers on foot. The two primary suspects remained in the vehicle and complied with the arresting officers’ demands. Authorities identified the two illegal immigrants as Eduardo Jose Flores and Luis Alejandro Basabe, whom police claim both illegally entered the United States from Venezuela.

Police arrested the two Venezuelan nationals for their involvement in human smuggling, an issue which authorities claim is a growing problem with illegal immigration. Although authorities charged Basabe and Flores with smuggling the two unidentified unlawful immigrants, police believe the two Venezuelan immigrants helped other people illegally enter the United States prior to their arrest. The two immigrants who fled the vehicle following the chase managed to elude authorities and haven’t been caught.

Basabe and Flores’ arrest come as Texas authorities encounter a record number of illegal immigrants with each passing month. In one instance, immigrants managed to overpower members of the Texas National Guard and rush through officials to enter the United States. Flores and Basabe currently face charges relating to evasion but could face deportation back to Venezuela in the coming months. Police are still searching for the two immigrants who evaded police but haven’t issued an update about potential leads.

Republican lawmakers cite incidents like the high-speed chase involving Flores and Basabe as a growing occurrence for immigration authorities and evidence of declining border security. Texas lawmakers attempted to curb the ongoing immigration surge by passing a new law that permitted Texas authorities to arrest illegal immigrants, but federal lawmakers claim the law isn’t enforceable and serves as a direct violation of the United States government. Despite the controversy surrounding the new Texas immigration law, Texas Governor Greg Abbott claims he won’t stop attempting to enforce border security.

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