International TRESPASS – Spoiling For A Fight?

( – Following an arms deal between Taiwan and the United States, Taiwan announced that Chinese military ships were approaching the island nation. The aircraft and navy units from the People’s Liberation Army entered Taiwan’s borders, prompting Taiwan to respond with its air force and navy.

China entered Taiwan’s borders following a $500 million deal between the United States and Taiwan, in which the United States provided Taiwan with infrared targeting systems and various technologies for Taiwan’s fighter jets. The incident marks the latest trespass by China, which has performed numerous military drills close to Taiwan in recent months, sparking fears that an invasion of the island nation may be imminent.

China claims that Taiwan is another province of China and doesn’t recognize the island nation’s sovereignty, despite the United States’ claim that Taiwan is an ally it will protect if China invades. China isn’t likely to invade the island nation anytime soon, as the military drills primarily convey a sense of force rather than actual militaristic intent.

China’s military isn’t the only group with a strong focus on Taiwan, as Microsoft claims a China-based hacking group is also targeting the island nation. The group in question is Flax Typhoon and might have ties to the Chinese government. China denies accusations regarding the group, but due to China’s immense interest in Taiwanese computer chip production, it seems likely that Flax Typhoon might be operating in China’s interest.

The group is also suspected of a cyber attack in Guam that weakened telecommunications between Guam and the United States, sparking fears that Flax Typhoon might be trying to limit the United States’s communications with allies in Asia. Despite the evidence that suggests Flax Typhoon works for the Chinese government, China remains adamant that it has no ties to the international cyberattacks perpetrated by the hacker group.

Although China hasn’t displayed overt military action in Taiwan, some believe that China could invade as soon as next year. China regularly claims that it will annex Taiwan by any means necessary, and any international interference would be an act of war. Despite this, the United States remains one of Taiwan’s most significant allies and could become involved if China takes further military action.

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