Six Injured in Shooting as Two Men Exchange Gunfire at Festival

( – A shootout occurred at a recent music festival in San Antonio, resulting in six injuries and two deaths. The incident occurred moments after midnight on April 28 when two festival goers exchanged gunfire at the Fiesta San Antonio music festival, prompting police to intervene and end the firefight quickly. The two shooters have been identified as an 18-year-old man and a 20-year-old man, and both died from injuries sustained during their shootout.

Police heard the gunfire between the two suspects and immediately traveled to Market Square, the area hosting the music festival, to prevent further chaos from breaking out. The younger shooter managed to hit the 20-year-old suspect, whom police transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. The police engaged with the 18-year-old suspect, killing him on scene. Following the shootout, police identified the younger suspect as Mikey Valdez and the older suspect as Albert Cisneros. While police haven’t determined a motive for the shootout, investigators confirmed that Cisneros and Valdez knew each other and had some personal issues that prompted the lethal firefight.

The shooting resulted in six injuries, including the lethal injuries sustained by the suspects, but only Cisneros and Valdez died from their wounds. Among the injured civilians are four women, all of whom received medical treatment shortly after the altercation. Several officers responded to the scene shortly after the firefight began, but none received any injuries from the shootout. The responding officers managed to recover both suspects’ firearms following the shooting and quickly closed the area to pedestrians to perform a preliminary investigation.

While investigators claim the shootout between Valdez and Cisneros is an isolated incident, the Fiesta music festival’s planners have already addressed security concerns in their plans for next year’s event. The event organizers confirmed that the festival would employ more security staff next year and announced that they’d work with San Antonio’s police department to ensure festivalgoers’ safety. The festival’s organizers cite the latest shootout as the primary motivation for increasing the event’s security in the coming years, but the firefight between Valdez and Cisneros isn’t the first time gunfire has broken out during the Fiesta music festival.

The last shooting to occur during the Fiesta musical festival occurred just last year when a man shot another festivalgoer following an altercation. The festival features strict anti-gun restrictions, which will likely become even more stringent next year, but each year, festivalgoers are caught with firearms while attending the event. The Fiesta San Antonio musical festival’s organizers have assured citizens that next year’s event will be much safer and that future shootings will not occur.

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