Jimmy Kimmel Hints at Shocking Late Night TV Show Departure

(DailyVantage.com) – According to talk show personality Jimmy Kimmel, the famous “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” could end after the conclusion of his contract later this year. Given how long he’s helmed the late-night talk show on ABC, Kimmel expressed a desire to retire from his show and pursue new projects. While discussing his potential retirement, Kimmel mentioned that he might stay on the late-night show past his current contract, as he’s made similar claims regarding retirement. Despite his history of renewing his show, Kimmel did seem somber about his show finally ending.

Kimmel’s show enabled him to enter the public spotlight and made Kimmel a household name throughout the United States. Since starting his talk show, Kimmel has hosted various celebrity-attended award events on three occasions. Kimmel will host the upcoming Academy Awards, marking his fourth time leading a wildly popular event. According to Kimmel, he never expected to host another awards show due to the awkward nature of hosting a nationally covered event.

Kimmel said that despite his positive reception at the various award shows he has hosted, he doesn’t like leading an event attended by so many celebrities. Kimmel claimed that his talk show allowed him to reach a broad audience while also shifting their attention to various celebrities and their upcoming projects. Despite Kimmel’s comments, members of the Academy shared their enthusiasm for Kimmel’s upcoming outing as the event’s host, including the organization’s CEO, Bill Kramer.

According to Kramer, members of the Academy are incredibly excited about Kimmel hosting the event. Kramer referred to Kimmel’s coverage of various films and his experience as a comedian, which he believes will help Kimmel’s performance as the event’s host. Kramer also thanked Kimmel for hosting the event and commended Kimmel’s employees for their professionalism and creativity.

Although Kimmel has a lengthy career as a comedian spanning over 30 years, the talk show host confirmed he wouldn’t return to comedy after retiring from his late-night program. According to Kimmel, he intends to take up various hobbies after he leaves his role as host. Kimmel referred to his love of cooking, painting, and other art, which the talk show host plans to focus on after leaving television. Kimmel also expressed a desire to do things he’s always wanted to do so that he doesn’t die with regrets. Although Kimmel could renew his contract upon its end, the late-night talk show host seems adamant that he’ll retire in the near future.

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