Nathan Wade Guided Fani Willis’s Office Transition in 2020

( – More ethical questions have surfaced surrounding the relationship of Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, and lawyer Nathan Wade, as Breitbart News reported that several unnamed sources have confirmed that Wade was making personnel decisions at the Fulton County DA’s office as early as 2020.

Willis tapped Wade to serve as special prosecutor in the Georgia state election-tampering indictment against former president Donald Trump, but sources for Breitbart say that Wade was already exercising influence in the Fulton County DA’s office right after Willis was elected as Fulton County DA. The two were also engaged in a relationship – Wade has also just reached a divorce settlement with his now-ex-wife – which Willis has admitted to. The Fulton County DA, however, stresses that her Wade’s trysting has nothing to do with Trump’s case.

According to sources, Wade was directly involved in selecting who would work in the DA’s office – he was allegedly head of a team that screened employees to stay on to work for Willis. This was just weeks after she won the election for the county’s district attorney. Sources requested the news outlet for anonymity for fear of retribution, describing the current culture in the Fulton County DA’s office as “corrupt”.

Watchdog group American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has also referred Willis and Wade to the Georgia state bar, requesting that disciplinary hearings be held against the two for allegedly violating the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. The AAF alleges that Willis has essentially admitted to using campaign donations for personal expenses, while Wade, the AAF alleges, has not been truthful about the timeline of his relationship with Willis.

Michael Roman, a co-defendant of Trump in the Georgia indictment, has also filed a motion for disqualification against Willis over her relationship with Wade. The motion claims that the Fulton County DA personally and financially benefited from hiring Wade to become a member of the prosecution team against Trump.

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