Soros-Associated Groups Fund Entities Behind College Protests

( – College campuses throughout the United States have seen a drastic increase in protests over the past few weeks concerning the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. Several groups involved in organizing the college campus protests received funding from organizations associated with controversial billionaire George Soros, including groups located on prominent college campuses like Yale, Harvard, and Berkeley. The revelation of Soros’ involvement in the protests is hardly surprising to political experts, given Soros’ alleged role in organizing similar protests throughout Western Europe.

Among the groups that received funding from Soros-associated organizations are the Students for Justice in Palestine, Within Our Lifetime, and Jewish Voice for Peace. Each of the three organizations collaborated to organize political protests on college campuses throughout the United States, including the construction of temporary encampments for students to occupy areas of campuses. A recent analysis of the three groups’ funding shows that each organization’s fellows received approximately $8,000 from the United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a political movement with ties to the Soros and Rockefeller families.

The Soros family operates an organization known as Open Society Foundations, which has contributed more than $300,000 to the United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights over the past seven years. The Rockefeller family has also funded the United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights, contributing over $355,000 since 2019. The United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights uses donor contributions to pay fellows responsible for organizing college protests, with some of the organization’s members receiving more than $3,000 for spending a handful of hours each week planning pro-Palestine demonstrations.

While the fellows associated with the United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights haven’t received the same national attention as the protests they’ve participated in, several fellows have made national headlines for their involvement in various demonstrations. One such fellow is Nidaa Lafi, who established a protest at former Representative Eddie Johnson’s (D-Texas) funeral that blocked President Joe Biden’s entrance to the service.

The Soros family hasn’t just contributed to various pro-Palestine organizations in the United States, as the Open Society Foundations recently contributed $1 million to the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights. The center allegedly has connections with Hamas, raising concerns that George Soros could be contributing to Hamas through political contributions, a claim refuted by the Soros family. The Soros family responded to the allegations of helping finance Hamas by stating that the Open Society Foundations complies with all United States laws regarding overseas donations and that none of the donations received from the Soros family contributed to Hamas’ resources.

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