Paxton Impeachment Trial Kicks Off

( – The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr. began, and the disgraced attorney general faces 16 different impeachment counts. Paxton must enter pleas for each of the 16 impeachment counts against him, including accusations of breach of public trust and bribery.

Following the Texas state senate’s vote for his impeachment, Paxton was immediately suspended from office under the Texas Constitution’s provisions. The articles of impeachment against Paxton passed, with only 21 Republicans against impeachment. Paxton is also charged with obstruction of justice and might face criminal consequences if further investigations prove criminal conduct.

Many of the impeachment counts relate to Paxton’s alleged dealings with a Texas real estate developer, Natin Paul. Paxton allegedly let Paul renovate his house for free, but Paxton’s legal team claims they possess documents that prove Paul received payment for working on Paxton’s house. Paxton also allegedly obtained employment with Paul’s real estate business for Laura Olson, a woman he might be having an extramarital affair with. While Paxton isn’t guilty, he’ll likely be impeached following the conclusion of his trial.

Paxton is already facing calls to resign from various officials in state and federal-level positions. One such official is Chip Roy, a United States Representative from Texas. Roy served under Paxton as his first assistant at one point and now calls for Paxton’s resignation following the allegations against the disgraced attorney general and the resignations of several staff members working for Paxton. Paxton hasn’t announced if he intends to resign from office, but it’s unlikely he will continue serving as the Attorney General in Texas following his impeachment proceedings. Roy’s call for Paxton’s resignation echoes a common sentiment among Texas legislators who want Paxton removed from office.

Paxton already filed motions to dismiss the impeachment proceedings but was unsuccessful, as Texas lawmakers are pushing onward with the impeachment trial. Should Paxton be removed from office, which seems to be the likely outcome of his impeachment hearings, it’ll be the first time in over a century that the Texas legislature has pursued the removal of a state official from public office. Despite the evidence against him, Paxton maintains his innocence and remains confident that he won’t face criminal repercussions for his alleged criminality.

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