Pence Fights Conservative Populism with $20 Million Strike

( – Former vice president Mike Pence may have conceded defeat in his attempt to secure the Republican presidential nomination, but he has continued to oppose former president Donald Trump’s seemingly iron-fisted grip on the Republican party by announcing a $20 million initiative aimed at returning the GOP to its more genuine conservative roots.

Pence’s advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom, which he established in 2021, announced the launch of American Solutions Project, a three-step initiative aimed at fighting against the “siren song of populism” that Pence says has enthralled the GOP and many Republican voters in recent years. Pence did not mention his former boss by name, but the implication was there, especially as Trump is seemingly well on his way to securing the GOP’s presidential nomination.

In a statement, Pence said that there was a need for America to go back to the “conservative principles” that the country was founded on, principles, he said, “that have stood the test of time” and have contributed to the U.S.’ freedom and prosperity. He added that the conservativism in America should “not be swayed by movements or personalities.”

The first phase of the America Solutions Project aims to create a policy platform that truly conservative candidates can embrace in order to shape political majorities and combat the “Right’s drift toward populism” as well as liberal tendencies that favor socialist values.

The second step is to advance conservative legislation and other policy priorities favored by Pence that include the restoration of America’s leadership status on the global stage, confronting the threat of communist China, keeping a tight rein on government spending, as well as promoting free trade policies.

The final part of the initiative is to safeguard conservative principles such as the principle of limited government, which aims to better protect individual and corporate freedoms by restricting the government’s powers of intervention.

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