Pro-Life Group Goes After Trump

( – On Thursday, SBA Pro-Life America, a well known anti-abortion group, disavowed former President Donald Trump’s stance on abortion, calling it “morally indefensible”.

Trump, of course, wasn’t always a pro-life Republican. In fact, he was a pro-choice Democrat for most of his life. Over the years, he has evolved on the issue, becoming a staunch defender of life.

In Trump’s eyes, though, the issue of abortion should be left up to the discretion of the states. Ardent pro-lifers, however, don’t think this goes far enough.

The group’s president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, said in a statement that “life is a matter of human rights, not states’ rights”. She went on to say that Trump’s position (which is in line with most of the GOP) is “an endorsement of abortion up until the moment of birth…”

The abortion issue, however, has proven to be a political landmine for Republicans.

The fact of the matter is that the country remains deeply divided on the issue. And in a post-Roe America, things are more polarized than ever.

According to a Pew study released in June of 2022, over 6-in-10 (61%) of Americans say that “abortion should be legal in all or most cases”. And, conversely, only 37% of survey participants said that abortion should be “illegal in all or most cases”.

Other studies have shown that the majority of Americans take a more moderate position on the issue.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced a 2024 bid, recently made headlines when he signed off on a heavily restrictive 6 week abortion ban, a move that some Republican strategists have called unwise.

While it’s too early to say for sure, that move may prove to be political suicide for DeSantis.

Trump, on the other hand, appears to be sticking to his states rights position.

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