Biden Says U.S. Will Not Support Israeli Counterattack on Iran

( – The U.S. has been, by and large, supportive of Israel’s armed offensive retaliation into Gaza over Hamas’ devastating October 7, 2023 attacks on the Jewish state, but President Joe Biden recently warned Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America will not support Israel should it decide to attack Iran.

The statement comes on the heels of Iran’s first direct action against the Jewish nation, recently leading a projectile attack that saw more than 300 missiles and drones fired into Israeli territory. Combined efforts by the U.S. and troops from other allies on the ground, along with the IDF (Israel Defense Force), managed to intercept and shoot down the vast majority of the projectiles, preventing what would have been another major disaster for the Jewish state.

In the past, Iran was seemingly content as an instigator, working mainly with proxies that it supplied with arms and intelligence. Iran struck at Israel in a more direct manner, ostensibly in retaliation for an Israeli strike into Syria that killed one of Iran’s top generals.

The White House hopes that its warning will deter Israel from adding yet another adversary to its list of foes, as an attack on Iran could trigger a sudden and explosive escalation of hostilities in the Middle East.

The United Nations, along with other Arab regions, are also wary of the prospect of increased violence in the area.

In the face of a “devastating full-scale conflict,” Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, said during a recent meeting of the U.N. Security Council, “Now is the time to defuse and de-escalate.”

Still, the U.S. has warned Iran that further attacks – from itself or through proxies – would not be tolerated, according to Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Robert Wood. Wood also urged the U.N. Security Council to clearly and explicitly condemn Iran’s attack on Israel.

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