Sen. Cruz Accuses Biden of Funding Iran’s Arsenal

( – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently accused President Joe Biden of funding Iran’s military arsenal, claiming that the White House inadvertently paid for Iran’s various missiles and drones. Cruz’s comments came during an episode of his podcast “Verdict,” where he discussed Iran’s recent attack on Israel with Ben Ferguson, his co-host. According to Cruz, the recent attack is the first instance of Iran directly using its weaponry against Israel and marks an escalation in the Middle East’s ongoing conflict.

When talking about Iran’s arsenal, Cruz cited the Biden administration’s recent decision to send billions to Iran as a critical contributor to the nation’s growing weaponry arsenal. Cruz also referred to expired sanctions against Iran that would make missiles far more challenging to acquire, claiming that the Biden administration allowed the sanctions to end and thus indirectly helped Iran grow its arsenal even more. Cruz claims that the Biden administration has sent Iran more than $100 billion through various policies, which the senator claims only enables Iran’s hostilities with other countries.

Iran has carried out drone strikes on targets before but hasn’t directly attacked Israel until its latest military strike. Iran has, however, attacked United States troops stationed in surrounding countries through proxy groups and drone strikes. Hamas is closely allied with Iran, and according to Cruz, Iran helped finance the militant organization and provided the terrorist group with weaponry for its attack on October 7, 2023. Despite Iran’s outspoken support for Hamas and other militant organizations throughout the Middle East, the White House allowed the country to receive billions from various avenues, a decision Cruz described as “horrible.”

Following the recent attack against Israel, Israeli officials released a statement claiming that Iran had crossed a line while promising consequences. Before the attack, Iran released a statement claiming it’d only target Israel’s military installations and would avoid using weapons against civilians. Despite Iran’s claims, Israeli officials stated that Iran did target areas densely populated with civilians. Israel also promised to use its military against Iran in retaliation for the strike but failed to elaborate further.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s president, issued a warning to Israel to dissuade the nation from retaliating against Iran for the recent strike. Raisi stated that the recent attack isn’t the full capability of Iran’s military and threatened further action against Israel if the nation decides to use weaponry against Iran officials. In his statement, Raisi said that if Iran wanted to destroy Israel, it could. Raisi also said that if Israel entered Iran’s territory in any way, there would be a “harsh” response from Iran, and indicated the country could re-examine its nuclear doctrine in the coming weeks.

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