Senator Sounds Alarm On Potential Drone Threat At Southern Border

( – Senator Chuck Grassley was made aware of and reported a potential terror threat from cartels and other similar groups flying drones at the southern border. Grassley is gathering data from Homeland Security and border officials to understand and deal with the situation.

Grassley reported that the drones watch and survey United States border police and other U.S. agents. The cartels use drone cameras to track their smugglers as they journey into the United States. The drones are used in “targeted assassinations and violent attacks by dropping explosives” south of the border. Grassley said there were more than 260 occurrences of drones releasing explosives.

When conducting a threat assessment of the drones, the Department of Homeland Security reported that the drones are indeed a threat to the United States. They also concurred with Grassley by saying the cartels are using drones to monitor their members and also watch what Americans are doing to secure the border.

The senator also noted the cartels use small commercial aerial surveillance systems to circumvent U.S. and Mexican officials. He said that last month in Mexico, officials discovered a small industrial unit that had been creating small bombs. These bombs were designed to fall from the drones. Grassley said America is no longer in control of the southern border.

Grassley said the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th made him realize border officials need to find more ways to protect the nation’s border. He wants to prevent similar assaults from occurring on the U.S. border. Other Republicans warn that Hamas and other terror groups could attempt to cross the southern border.

The United States Customs and Border Patrol is increasing the number of people sent to patrol the border. They also said they are positioning more surveillance systems at the wall and other detection structures, and the US is also using its own drones to surveil the cartels. The patrol hopes to watch and halt smuggled goods from crossing into the United States.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary for DHS, said the jurisdiction that legislators have to stop the cartel’s drones will end on November 18th.

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