Trump UNMATCHED – Can DeSantis Keep Up?

( – According to a national survey from Newsmax, Donald Trump remains the most popular Republican hopeful running in next year’s presidential election and maintains a significant lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis regularly polls as the second-most popular Republican candidate in next year’s presidential election but regularly polls over 20 points behind the former president.

Despite Trump’s strong lead, DeSantis refuses to acknowledge his lackluster chances of securing the Republican Party’s nomination for next year’s presidential election. According to the survey, around 48% of those who responded support Donald Trump, compared to DeSantis’s 19%. Other polls produce similar results, indicating that DeSantis can’t surpass Trump’s popularity among Republican and independent voters.

Trump’s popularity among United States voters remains enigmatic, as the former president is currently the subject of four different indictments. The indictments range from state to federal charges and produce 91 criminal counts against Donald Trump. Despite the alleged crimes, Trump remains the GOP favorite and will likely be nominated by the party following the conclusion of the primary season.

DeSantis polled 30 points behind Trump in another national survey conducted in Utah. DeSantis initially polled just 20 points behind Trump in the months following his announcement of his presidential campaign. Since his original announcement in May, DeSantis’s popularity has declined substantially. DeSantis remains the second-most popular GOP hopeful, but other candidates are rapidly gaining support and catching up to DeSantis in terms of popularity. One such candidate is Vivek Ramaswamy, who tied with DeSantis in a recent poll.

According to an Emerson College poll, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy are tied at 10% among Republicans in the upcoming national election, with Donald Trump polling at an impressive 56%. The poll was released just after a PAC that endorses Ron DeSantis, Never Back Down, leaked a memo detailing a potential strategy for DeSantis to use during the first Republican debate. Among the listed plans within the memo were scheduled attacks against Ramaswamy, likely in an effort for DeSantis to avoid being surpassed by Ramaswamy in terms of popularity.

Despite his declining popularity among GOP voters, DeSantis remains confident in his ability to win next year’s presidential election. DeSantis confirmed he won’t be dropping out of the race until the primary season concludes.

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