Biden Caught Lying in Documents Probe Transcripts

( – Transcripts from Robert Hur’s interviews with President Joe Biden indicate that the aging president lied about an interview involving his alleged mishandling of classified documents during Hur’s investigation into the White House. Biden accused Hur of acting unprofessionally and asking personal questions about his family, a claim refuted by the transcripts. The interview transcripts originated from Hur’s report, which featured heavy detailing about Biden’s declining mental capabilities and memory issues.

Biden’s team quickly accused Hur of acting inappropriately during his interview with the president as an explanation for Biden’s odd answers to some of the questions during Hur’s interview. Hur reportedly asked Biden about a variety of topics, including his deceased son Beau, who died from brain cancer in 2015. According to Hur’s report, Biden didn’t remember what year his son died. Biden explained his inability to remember his son’s death by saying Hur’s question offended him and that he didn’t want to answer it due to how inappropriately Hur acted.

Although President Biden claims Hur brought up his son’s death, the interview transcripts show that the president initially mentioned Beau Biden. When Hur started talking about Beau Biden, President Biden asked his team when his son died due to his inability to remember the month or year of his oldest son’s tragic death. Although Hur asked about Beau Biden, the primary purpose of his interview with President Biden was to determine whether or not the aging president mishandled sensitive documents after leaving office.

When asked whether he kept classified documents after his terms as vice president ended, President Biden admitted that he accidentally kept multiple sensitive documents. Biden quickly blamed his staff for the mishap and said they were likely responsible as they packed up his belongings once he left the White House. Biden also mentioned the boxes full of classified documents in his possessions discovered by federal authorities, claiming he lacked any knowledge of the boxes’ contents.

The interview transcripts feature multiple paragraphs where Biden begins talking about random topics, including his Corvette and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. Biden ignored Hur’s questions and told the special counselor about his Corvette shortly before imitating car noises. Biden also said that he hoped investigators wouldn’t have pictures of his wife in a swimsuit, an unprompted joke that seemingly caught Hur off guard. Despite Biden’s bizarre comments and concerning lapse in memory, Hur doesn’t consider the aging president a malicious actor. According to Hur, Biden suffers from reduced mental capabilities due to his age, and prosecutors shouldn’t file criminal charges against him.

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