Amendment by MTG: Support Ukraine Bill, Serve in Ukrainian Military

( – Controversial Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene has apparently had it with people pushing for more U.S. aid to Ukraine, going so far as to push an amendment to a supplemental funding bill for the Russia-besieged nation requiring that representatives who vote to pass the bill to also serve in the Ukrainian military.

Representative Greene’s amendment would require any member of Congress who votes in favor of the aid to serve in the Ukrainian military.

One of the more outspoken members of the hard-right-wing bloc of the Republican party, Greene has taken issue with other members of the GOP who have agreed to work with Democrats to fund Ukraine. The former Soviet bloc country is continuing to fight off an invasion by Russia.

The Georgia representative has taken issue especially with Republican Louisiana Representative and House Speaker Mike Johnson, whose tenure in the speaker’s seat was “over,” she said. Greene has repeatedly threatened to have Johnson removed – in a similar fashion to the ouster of former Republican California representative Kevin McCarthy – over Johnson’s willingness to strike a compromise with liberal members of Congress. In fact, in March, Greene filed a motion to vacate against Johnson. On Twitter/X, Greene has also called Johnson a “traitor” to the country for allowing the aid bill to pass.

Also, in an apparent attempt to troll Johnson, Greene introduced other ridiculous amendments to the bills, including one that provides funds that will go to the “development of space laser technology on the southwest border.” Greene was ostensibly making reference to a claim she has been called out on where she blamed “Jewish space lasers” for the deadly 2018 wildfires in California. Greene has also claimed that Israel utilizes unmanned space lasers for its own defense.

The aid for Ukraine was part of a larger aid package that also included support for Israel and Taiwan.

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