Bodycam Footage Reveals Fatal Shooting of Pregnant Woman by Police

( – A 21-year-old pregnant woman in Ohio was shot dead by police on August 24 after she chose to turn her car into a moving weapon in the parking lot of her local Kroger. Ta’Kiya Young’s decision also led to the death of her unborn child. Authorities in Blendon Township were quick to release bodycam footage from the involved officers.

Employees inside the Ohio grocery store reportedly saw the young mother-to-be shoplifting a handful of items while inside the business. Staff called the police, and law enforcement arrived as Young was getting in her car. Bodycam video shows the two responding officers attempting to engage with the mother before the escalation occurred.

While one officer stands in front of her vehicle to block her exit, the other approaches her driver’s side window. The officer nearest to Young orders her out of the car. She inquires as to why and is told that Kroger employees phoned in accusations of theft against her.

Young denies the charge and continues to refuse to exit the running vehicle. The officer by her window orders her out yet again, and the second officer draws his gun and points it at her.

She responds with another “no” and asks if they plan on shooting her. Young then simultaneously hits the gas and turns her steering wheel. The officer standing in front of the car fires a single shot and successfully jumps out of the way.

As cries of “shots fired” ring out over the radio, Young drives the vehicle a short distance away before coming to a stop in between two support columns. After the vehicle had stopped, police broke her window and began attending to her.

Their efforts were to no avail, and the local coroner pronounced Young dead not long after. Both officers were immediately put on administrative leave. One has since returned to duty, but the officer who fired the deadly shot remains inactive.

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