Democrat Governor Calls National Guard – State’s Migrant Crisis Worsens

( – The migrant crisis is hitting several states harder than others, including the internationally renowned state of New York. The ongoing surge of immigrants to New York is drawing the attention of the state’s governor, Kathy Hochul, who intends to call in the United States National Guard to aid in dealing with the ongoing surge of immigrants into the area.

According to Hochul, 150 additional guardsmen will be deployed in New York to aid in managing the ongoing wave of immigration and assist migrants seeking asylum and employment opportunities. Hochul’s decision to call in military members is the latest indication that the number of immigrants flooding into certain parts of the country is causing unforeseen stress on infrastructure. The additional guardsmen increased the number of deployed National Guards members within New York to 2,200. Although many citizens believe the additional manpower will aid in managing the ongoing crisis, many feel Hochul isn’t doing enough.

Hochul famously claimed New York to be a sanctuary state, a claim she’s since stopped supporting. During an appearance on CNN, Hochul bluntly told people seeking asylum in New York to “go somewhere else.” Hochul’s comments shocked many, given the Democratic governor’s outspoken liberal stance on topics like immigration in the past, but others aren’t surprised given the consequences the immigration crisis had on New York. The ongoing surge of immigration within New York is becoming so bad that the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, requested the Biden Administration declare a national state of emergency to aid in the ongoing crisis. This request seemingly fell on deaf ears.

The surge of migrants to New York City is extremely taxing to the city and its residents, prompting Adams to take drastic measures to exclude immigrants from the “Right to Shelter” law. The law allows anyone seeking a bed to be provided one at the local government’s expense, but the ongoing surge of migrants into the city will cost billions over the next few years. To combat this, Adams seeks to prevent migrants from being covered by the law and to limit the time they’re allowed to spend in New York City before leaving. Adams clarified that the homeless citizens of New York will still have a right to a bed, but he claims that the bill can’t provide aid to thousands of immigrants daily.

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