DeSantis’ NEW Strategy Firm Raises Eyebrows

( – Florida Gov. and 2024 presidential contender Ron DeSantis’ chief strategist, Jeff Roe, had nearly 50% of the Governor’s PAC money flow through his companies. In campaign finance filings, several consultants and firms on the payroll associate with “RINOs,” especially in the case of a Pro-DeSantis internal poll firm with operative ties to Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and George Soros. Additionally, filings reveal that dark money donations to the DeSantis campaign from Faithful & Strong Policies Inc. came from a Florida lawyer who received a government role from DeSantis.

This information comes as DeSantis hopes his campaign can reboot to revive momentum due to a decrease in polling he has seen recently. The most recent FiveThirtyEight aggregate polling has former President Donald Trump at about 53.1% and DeSantis trailing at 15.8%. In turn, the effort for a reboot has primarily manifested itself in more policy planks for the DeSantis campaign, including in a recent stop in New Hampshire where DeSantis revealed a 10-point economic plan to decrease American reliance on China. As a result of campaigning throughout the country, nearly 20 percent of his campaign’s total spending has been due to travel expenses and private jets to avoid commercial travel.

Rebooting his campaign image may prove essential if he wishes to perform well at the Republican National Committee’s Aug. 23 debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To qualify, candidates must have at least 1% in three quality national polls and a minimum of 40,000 individual donors, with 200 in 20 or more states. However, DeSantis will not have the opportunity to go head-on with Trump since he will not attend. While Trump will not be in attendance, DeSantis may be able to distinguish himself on policy from the other Republican candidates.

Those who have reached the threshold of at least 1% in three quality national polls and a minimum of 40,000 individual donors with 200 in 20 or more states also include South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and North Dakota Gov. Doug Bergum.

With only months left until the early 2024 Republican primaries, candidates will continue their political clashes in hopes of more support from voters.

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