Getting NASTY – Trump Challenger GOES THERE!

( – Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and candidate for the 2024 presidential election, made headlines by insulting Donald Trump in regards to the ongoing federal case against the former president.

Christie said that Trump should’ve “skipped a couple of rounds of golf” so he could spend more time going through boxes of classified documents. Christie is referring to a comment Trump made in response to being subpoenaed over the classified documents case, when Trump stated that he just didn’t have the time to sort out whether he still possessed classified information. This isn’t the first time that Christie has made comments about Trump, as Christie has been openly critical of the former president in his various campaign appearances.

Christie’s most recent comments about Trump, he compared Trump to a child for threatening to skip primary debates scheduled for later in the summer. Christie also went on to call Trump a “loser” and clarify that he’d still appear in debates. Christie even referenced Trump’s threat to skip the debates in multiple public appearances throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Christie’s campaign has already started, but is failing to gain much momentum, as Trump still remains the Republican favorite with Ron DeSantis being the only other candidate with mild support. Christie’s own approval rating is the lowest compared to the other GOP hopefuls, according to a poll from Monmouth University.

Christie didn’t just perform poorly in the Monmouth University poll, but in various polls from other institutions around the country. One such poll was conducted by Quinnipiac University, in which Christie had a disapproval rating of over 80 percent from within his own state. The poll results are the lowest of any New Jersey governor in over twenty years, and reflect Christie’s lesser odds as a Republican candidate. Regardless, Christie is adamant he will not be dropping out of the race, and is scheduled to appear against other Republican candidates for a debate on August 23rd in Milwaukee.

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