Haley Slams Blinken For Saying No Link Between Iran Deal and Israel Attack

(DailyVantage.com) – Former Governor of South Carolina and presidential hopeful Nikki Haley criticized President Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, for his claims that the recent attack on Israel is unrelated to the highly controversial Iran deal. The deal referred to by Blinken provided Iran with $6 billion in frozen funds in exchange for six American prisoners. The agreement also released several Iranian hostages in the United States’ custody.

The Biden Administration’s decision to release the frozen funds and hostages to Iran drew heavy criticism from American citizens, many of whom believed the Iran deal would embolden radical Islamic militant groups. Haley agrees with this sentiment and believes the recent attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorist group is related to the Iran deal. Haley claims the funds released to Iran are related to the Hamas attack and believes Iran might finance future attacks that align with its foreign interests.

Despite facing heavy scrutiny, Blinken denies any link between the deal with Iran and the sudden attack by Hamas forces. Blinken fired back at Haley by claiming the politicization of the events was wrong, as hundreds of civilians are dying in the conflict daily.

However, Haley didn’t just criticize the Biden Administration’s approach to the deal with Iran; the Republican candidate also identified the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as a foreign policy failure. The withdrawal from Afghanistan provided the Taliban with billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and allowed the Taliban to take control of the entire nation. The Taliban remains in control of Afghanistan, prompting some nations to fear the Taliban’s influence spreading into surrounding countries. President Biden regularly faces criticism for the Afghanistan withdrawal but denies any responsibility, instead blaming it on Trump’s administration.

So far, at least 700 Israelis have died in the war with Hamas, with more casualties certain to follow. Israel is responding to the attacks by carrying out rocket strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, Egypt, the group’s primary area of operations. So far, 11 Americans have died in the attacks, prompting some to speculate that the United States might become involved. Despite the rumors surrounding potential American involvement, the Biden administration isn’t confirming if it’ll retaliate.

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