House Speaker Calls Biden Out For Covering Up Hunter Biden Business Dealings

( – The recently elected Speaker of the House, Representative Mike Johnson from Louisiana, claims that President Biden is actively engaged in a “cover-up” of Hunter Biden’s business dealings by claiming he wasn’t aware of his son’s business activities. Johnson confirmed an impeachment inquiry against President Biden would move forward without political bias, and the House of Representatives would hold President Biden accountable for any illegal activity involving his son.

The impeachment inquiry into President Biden began under former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s leadership and will continue under Johnson. The House of Representatives elected Johnson last week, and the new speaker is already pushing forward with stagnant efforts to investigate President Biden and his son Hunter. Johnson actively supports the impeachment inquiry against Biden, headed by Representative Jim Jordan.

Johnson is a highly controversial figure among lawmakers, given his outspoken religious beliefs and active role in investigating President Biden. Certain Republican lawmakers are requesting that Johnson focus on border security reform, a policy that McCarthy failed to address during his leadership. Members of the GOP claim that certain senators are determined to pass meaningful border security legislation, but Johnson’s assistance will be required for any reform to become law. Johnson isn’t commenting on whether he will focus on the integrity of the United States border, but the Republican lawmaker will likely aid any efforts to increase security at the southern border. Republicans are also pushing Johnson to focus on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act due to the rising concerns about domestic terrorism in the United States.

Johnson is currently in disagreement with the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, due to diverging views on whether or not the United States should continue to supply aid to countries like Israel and Ukraine. McConnell claims the conflicts are essential and require United States assistance, as Hamas and Russia are potentially global threats. Both politicians support providing aid to the two nations, but Johnson doesn’t want to give aid to both countries simultaneously.

Johnson instead wants to keep the two conflicts separate due to concerns that providing both aids in the same package might be construed as the United States forming a potential alliance with Israel and Ukraine. The disagreement between Johnson and McConnell could result in a possible shutdown, but such an outcome seems unlikely given Johnson’s focus on domestic issues over foreign conflicts.

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