Investigation Underway – Democrat’s Corruption On Display!

( – A Democrat senator has recently become the subject of an investigation being headed up by federal prosecutors, in relation to possible bribery. Senator Bob Menendez is the Democrat under investigation, with prosecutors looking into gifts that Menedez is alleged to have received from a meat business.

Prosecutors are concerned that the various gifts, which include a Mercedes-Benz car, a luxury apartment in D.C., cash, and jewelry, might have caused Menendez to act differently in favor of the meat business in question. The business is IS EG Halal, and serves as the sole company that exports halal from Egypt thanks to an exclusive contract.

Menendez serves as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is in charge of billions of dollars that goes to Egypt in foreign aid. Menendez’s gifts themselves aren’t the primary concern, as prosecutors are more interested in whether or not he filed them on his taxes. Menendez notably left the gifts out of his Senate disclosure forms, raising concerns that the Democrat might be trying to hide the gifts provided to him by IS EG Halal.

The investigation into Menendez is ongoing, with a federal jury providing new subpoenas to other various officials like North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco. The subpoenas in question are directly related to Menendez, rather being focused on New Jersey policies and how they tie into the ongoing corruption investigation into the Democrat senator. Despite this growing investigation Menendez and IS EG Halal staunchly deny any wrongdoing. According to various sources close to the investigation there were concerns about IS EG Halal’s exclusive contract, with questions about how the international business secured this importing contract in the first place. 

The investigation into Menendez by the DOJ is still underway, and could end up amounting to a simple misunderstanding. Despite this the Menendez corruption scandal is the latest controversy surrounding a prominent Democrat, and could spell trouble for the Democrat’s in their effort to maintain a majority in the US Senate moving forward.

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