Nikki Haley Warns Biden After 2 American Hostages Released

( – Former South Carolina Governor and GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley warned President Joe Biden about Hamas’ decision to release two American hostages, claiming the militant group is attempting to earn favor with the United States. Haley claims the decision to release the hostages is a deliberate attempt to halt a ground invasion from Israel and weaken the United States’ interest in the conflict. So far, at least 11 more Americans remain in Gaza’s custody, prompting concern from high-ranking United States officials. Haley encouraged the Biden Administration to remain focused on the remaining hostages and to support Israel in its ongoing war with Hamas.

Haley’s comments come during a recent surge in her popularity amongst conservative voters, as the former governor is currently tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. DeSantis’s popularity is declining, following heavy criticism from online audiences for various reasons. Haley and DeSantis are competing for conservative support, with each candidate presenting themselves as an alternative to the divisive political stances of Donald Trump. Trump remains the most popular candidate running in the 2023 presidential election and will likely win the Republican nomination once the primary season is over.

Haley’s warning to Biden echoes a common political stance featured in her political campaign trail. According to Haley, if elected, she will support Israel in its conflict against Hamas and strengthen the United States military. Haley claims her experience as a UN Ambassador for the United States will help her strengthen relations between the United States and other key allies. Haley doubled down on her support for Israel by claiming that Israel and its allies must eliminate Hamas.

Haley clarified that weakening the militant group isn’t enough, and a complete removal of Hamas is required to establish peace between Gaza and Israel. According to Haley, President Biden isn’t doing enough to prevent certain nations from taking offensive actions against other nations. Haley believes a strong military and confident leadership are necessary to protect nations like Israel, and she claims that President Biden’s failure to act enables groups like Hamas to commit atrocities.

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