Trump Challenges Biden to Debates

( – “Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.” This was former President Donald Trump’s challenge to President Joe Biden, whom he has called on to debate “issues that are so vital to America, and the American People.”

Both men are ostensibly the respective presumptive presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties, which would make their face-off in November the second time the two clashed over the presidency.

He also said that the debate could be organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates or even the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

The Commission of Presidential Elections has been in charge of presidential debates for the last three decades, but conservatives have recently accused the presumably nonpartisan commission of bias, with some calling it a “subsidiary” of the Democratic party.

Trump said he was confident that he would win over Biden, whom he said was too old and too forgetful to put up any sort of decent showing in a debate. The Biden camp has countered by calling Trump “senile.” The former chief executive is only a little less than four years younger than the president. Biden’s campaign has also accused Trump of being “thirsty for attention.”

The former president has frequently mocked Biden’s public gaffes and mistakes on his campaign sorties, but has not been immune from making some himself. At a New Hampshire rally early this year, the former president mistook his then-lone contender for the GOP’s presidential nomination, Nikki Haley, with Democratic California Representative Nancy Pelosi.

While no debates have been agreed upon as of press time, Biden’s camp has not ruled out facing the former president in a debate. Biden said that the caveat for a debate would be Trump’s behavior. While Trump appears to be very welcoming and confident in the prospect of facing Biden on a debate stage, he took the opposite tack before the Republican primaries. The former president snubbed all the debates among the contenders for the Republican presidential nomination.

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