AOC’s District Swamped by Immigrants and Illegal Activities

( – The area of Queens, New York, represented in part by Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has devolved into a large, filthy open-air market where crime and prostitution run rampant, Fox News reported.

The northwest neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Corona have been overrun by migrants bused to New York City from the southern border. Streets in the once-vibrant areas are crowded with street markets overflowing with trash. At the same time, the main thoroughfare, Roosevelt Avenue, has become such a popular harlotry area that the residents have nicknamed Corona “the Market of Sweethearts.”

A video filmed by resident Ramses Frías shows the state of just two streets in the neighborhood, with rows of street vendors hawking everything from clothing and shoes to kitchen supplies and children’s toys. The street vendors are primarily illegal migrants who are selling things on the streets to earn some cash since they have yet to receive federal work authorizations.

Frías’ video was filmed in a neighborhood in the 14th Congressional District, which is represented in Congress by Ocasio-Cortez.

Most of the area’s local, state, and federal elected officials are far-left progressives, including state Assembly members Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Steve Raga, and Catalina Cruz, City Council member Shekar Krishnan, and AOC’s House colleague Rep. Grace Mang.

The mayor called on the Biden administration to expedite work permits for the migrants, warning that as long as they are unable to legally work, the migrants would resort to illegal activity like prostitution to make money.

In late January, police raided several Queens brothels and other illegal businesses along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights and Corona.

The mayor was on hand for the raid and told reporters that the city would target “the heart of the problem” to ensure New York did not go down the same “dark path” again.

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