This Apple Device May Save Lives!

( – Apple watches aren’t just devices that tell you the time. It turns out they are also saving lives. A man hit by a car and left for dead credits his Apple Watch with saving his life.

Last month, Michael Brodkorb was struck in front of his driveway in Eagan, Minnesota. While Brodkorb was on the phone, he took a couple of steps off the curb, and a car suddenly turned the corner and struck him.

Brodkorb was seriously injured, and the driver didn’t stop. The Apple Watch knew he had fallen hard and wasn’t responding, so the watch called 911. His wife and children at home received text messages, as well. Brodkorb is just one of many who have had similar experiences. 

Another man claims that his Apple Watch detected an irregular heart rate, which saved his life. The man said he was alerted at least ten times while sleeping that his heart rate was abnormally high. The man was transported to the hospital after a consultation with his doctor revealed that he was experiencing internal bleeding.

Initially diagnosed with a heart attack, the doctors told him he wouldn’t have survived without the transfusion he received. He would “have just passed out and died without ever knowing.” 

According to another man’s Apple Watch, Clevelander Ken Counihan’s average resting rate of 14 breaths per minute rose to 18 breaths per minute.

Counihan was told that it was essential to remember that a SpO2 level below 90% is extremely harmful to his body’s cells. Optimal levels range from 95 to 100%. And depending on age and health, the risk of dying rises even further.

The doctor said if he hadn’t sought medical help, 60% of the people with his condition might not wake up the following day. In Britain, a man’s Apple watch saved his life when his heart stopped beating 138 times in 48 hours.

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