Arrested AGAIN – Climate Darling DETAINED!

( – On Monday, June 20, police in Sweden reportedly carried climate activist Greta Thunberg away from the scene of a protest attempting to block oil tankers. Thunberg reportedly attempted to halt the transportation of oil via tanker by sitting on the road, which made it impossible for the tankers to continue without running her over.

The protest took place in the Malmo harbor area of Sweden and continued for a total of six days. It concluded with the police taking Thunberg away from the scene. Protestors were escorted off the road after refusing a police request to move from the path. The British media outlet The Telegraph captured photographs of Thunberg being escorted off-site. In the photo, Thunberg is seen squinting and smirking as police take her by either arm and haul her away from the scene.

Thunberg was in the company of “Ta Tillbaka Framtiden” protesters at the time of her arrest. “Ta TIllbaka Framtiden” in English means “Take Back the Future” and is a youth climate movement in Sweden. Taking to her Twitter, Thunberg praised her Ta Tillbaka Framtiden fellows and announced that the protest had halted oil tanker delivery for “three days” in a row.

In her Twitter post, Thunberg expressed the belief that her activism is a matter of “life and death” for many people. Likewise, Thunberg believes that capitalism is evil, and has expressed a desire to crush it in recent media interviews. Thunberg has stated frustration with climate activism because, she claimed, while other climate activists have expressed similar beliefs that climate change is destructive and will kill society, these other activists have done “nothing” to reverse climate change effects.

Aside from the Malmos protest, Thunberg has been stirring up other media controversies in recent headlines. In June, the government of France issued a decree that it would ban a social climate activist group called Uprisings of the Earth because it “encouraged” violence. Thunberg has reportedly backed this group.

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