Banking Details Go PUBLIC – These Numbers Say It All

( – The White House has released financial disclosures regarding Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ bank accounts, detailing the earnings made by the two chief executives during the year of 2022. Interestingly, Kamala Harris has a net worth that’s notably higher than Joe Biden’s.

Biden only earned 201 dollars in royalties from his first memoir that was released in 2007, and twenty-five hundred to five thousand dollars for his 2017 memoir. Harris earned over more than $41,000 for her 2019 memoir, making almost ten times the amount that Biden did. The Biden family’s net worth is between $1.05 million and $2.58 million, which is dwarfed by the Harris’ family net worth of around $3.42 million to $8.29 million.

The disclosure showcases a notable decrease in the Biden family’s net worth since 2019, where Joe Biden’s annual income was estimated to be worth around $1 million. Despite reports of business dealings between the Biden family and other foreign countries, no such transactions were revealed in the financial disclosure. What was revealed however, is that Joe and Jill Biden have over 20 different bank accounts with some reported totals ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. Despite the lack of evidence of Joe Biden receiving foreign payments, such transactions would likely not be disclosed if they were carried out in banks located outside of US jurisdiction.

The disclosure of Harris and Biden’s financials comes as a response to allegations of the Biden family receiving millions from foreign entities. While it’s clear that Hunter Biden received payments from foreign entities, his father’s involvement in any such payments has yet to be ascertained. Hunter Biden’s payments weren’t illegal either, but they raise questions as they occurred while his father was the US Vice President under Barack Obama.

Whether or not the Biden family has engaged in any illegal dealings is still unknown, but despite that fact many citizens are concerned about Joe Biden’s financial situation and whether or not there’s been some foreign influence at the White House.

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