Biden Admin Shifts Veterans’ Funds to Immigrants Aid

( – According to Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican senator from Alabama, the Biden administration diverted funding from the Veterans Affairs organization to provide aid to illegal immigrants throughout the United States. During an interview with Fox Digital, Tuberville discussed the controversial policy and said he introduced a new bill to prevent similar resource reallocations. Tuberville’s bill is called the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” and would reduce the White House’s ability to divert funding from Veterans Affairs to immigrant aid programs.

The White House’s decision to use resources from Veterans Affairs on illegal immigrants heavily affected American veterans, according to Tuberville. Tuberville said that the Biden administration allowed immigrants to visit doctors in the Veterans Affairs community programs, forcing veterans to wait longer to receive treatment for their injuries. Veterans Affairs officials confirmed Tuberville’s accusations and released details about an agreement between the VA and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The two agencies established an interagency agreement almost two decades ago, in 2002, which allowed ICE’s Health Service Corp to use the VA’s financial processing programs to help pay private healthcare providers when they give medical treatment to illegal immigrants in ICE’s custody. ICE initially paid for the healthcare, preventing the VA from absorbing the cost of illegal immigrants’ medical treatment. The increase in immigration will likely force the VA to pay for the treatment, according to Tuberville, due to the massive amount of illegal immigrants who’ve entered the country over the past few years.

Tuberville expressed his disappointment in the interagency agreement, which he claims forces the VA to divert resources to help illegal immigrants entering the United States. Tuberville referred to the 19 million veterans living in the United States during the interview, whom Tuberville said already struggle to receive adequate healthcare for the physical injuries they sustained while serving in the United States military.

During the interview, Tuberville highlighted President Biden’s role in the surge of illegal immigration and said the aging president is more concerned with caring for migrants than American citizens who’ve fought for the United States. Biden’s decision to allow ICE and the VA to share resources confused many political experts, as Biden’s deceased son Beau served in the United States military before he died in 2015. Although Tuberville and other lawmakers highlight the resource diversion as another flaw of Biden’s handling of the border crisis, President Biden remains adamant that the United States isn’t experiencing an immigration surge under his leadership.

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