Biden Approval Takes a Dip!

( – According to a recent CNN poll, President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped to just 39 percent, the lowest recorded approval rating for President Biden in 2023. Biden’s drop in approval comes as former President Donald Trump is gaining popularity, making Trump the most popular presidential candidate in next year’s election.

During Biden’s first year in office, his approval rating was 50 percent, which dropped to 38 percent in 2022. Biden regained popularity during the first few months of 2023 but is now suffering a decline, presumably due to multiple complex issues his administration refuses to address. Among these issues is the ongoing immigration crisis unfolding at the southern United States border and a stagnant economy that many feel will soon face recession. The White House claims that the immigration crisis isn’t dire but a talking point for Republicans to demonize Biden. The Biden Administration also claims the United States economy is doing exceptionally well, touting employment rates and inflation reduction policies, which only temporarily work.

Another critical concern for many American voters is Biden’s age, as the president is currently 80 years old, making him the oldest sitting president in the history of the United States. Biden’s campaign claims that Biden’s age is irrelevant and that Republicans focusing on his seniority are “one-trick ponies.” Despite this claim, many voters indicate they’re concerned about Biden’s seniority and the potential outcome of Kamala Harris taking office if he’s unable to finish a second term. The White House remains adamant that Biden’s age will not be a factor in his next term, and the president will run as the Democrat Party nominee in the election.

A NewsNation poll indicates that up to 80 percent of Americans are “very concerned” with Biden’s age, an alarming statistic for Democrats that support President Biden’s re-election campaign. Despite the concerns from Republicans, voters, and other Democrats, President Biden remains confident in his ability to secure re-election and serve another term as president. However, Biden faces an uphill battle as his age will remain a key talking point amongst his political opponents.

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