( – President Joe Biden has recently made headlines, due to his reaction over Senator Tommy Tuberville’s blocking of Biden’s military nominees. Tuberville’s decision to block the  nominees is supposedly a response to the Department of Defense’s abortion policy, a decision that Biden has deemed “bizarre.”

The policy in question would allow for Pentagon employees to be reimbursed, should they have to cross state lines in order to gain access to an abortion. Tuberville’s decision to stonewall military nominations was brought up by Biden during a public fundraising appearance in California, where he referred to Tuberville as a football coach from Alabama.  Tuberville was also brought up by the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who claimed his decision to place a hold on military nominees was putting national security at risk.

Tuberville’s blocking of military nominations has drawn the ire of many of his fellow senators, some of whom say they’re ready to change the rules regarding the Senate in an effort to stop Tuberville’s approach. This potential decision comes after Tuberville has effectively prevented over two hundred different attempted nominations, which have all occurred within the past four months.

Tuberville isn’t the only Republican Senator who made an effort to halt the Democrats’ attempts at policy and nomination, as other senators have joined in and further prevented any military nominations from the Democratic Party. Senator JD Vance even joined the fray, announcing his intention to put a hold on nominees for the Justice Department. Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Tuberville for putting national security at risk over one policy, though her frustration is likely due to being denied the ability to advance Biden’s nonpolitical nominations, an effort that Tuberville has effectively shelved repeatedly.

Tuberville’s decision to place a hold on Biden’s nominees isn’t the only reason he’s been making national headlines and drawing the ire of his colleagues, as he’s also recently introduced the GOAL Act to limit federal student loans. Such a policy will make Tuberville a target amongst the Senate body, but he will likely have support from within the Republican Party.

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