Biden In The HOT SEAT – He Was TRAPPED

( – A Fox News reporter surprised President Joe Biden with a blunt question on June 26: “Did you lie?” Jacqui Heinrich of Fox was referring to the President’s claims about his discussions with his son, Hunter Biden, pertaining to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

President Biden has repeatedly claimed that he has never discussed Hunter Biden’s business dealings with his son, a claim that sounds increasingly dubious. Heirnrich asked the President if he had lied when he denied ever speaking with Hunter Biden about business matters, to which Biden simply replied, “No.”

Biden then left without taking further questions or comments from reporters. Heinrich’s question was likely referencing the communications between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associate, in which Hunter Biden referenced his father Joe directly. The exchange between Hunter Biden and his business associate is the latest development in an investigation into the Biden family and potential foreign bribes.

The exchange was revealed in testimony from two different IRS whistleblowers and took place over the communications app WhatsApp. In the exchange between the younger Biden and his business associate, Hunter Biden can be seen making vaguely threatening comments while demanding cash and promising consequences that would stem from Joe Biden, who was serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President at the time. Although Hunter Biden references his father directly, the exchanges don’t actually prove that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s financial dealings directly. The investigation is ongoing, with new developments being revealed constantly.

According to the whistleblowers, the IRS may pursue charges against Hunter Biden, as the federal body has already recommended multiple charges be brought against him. Among these charges is tax evasion, a far more serious offense than the tax charges Hunter Biden has already pleaded guilty to. Hunter Biden is also at the center of a gun charge, as he lied on paperwork to legally obtain a firearm, a federal offense that carries a ten-year prison sentence. While Hunter Biden has yet to be charged with his more serious tax offenses, it seems as though such a development could be coming in the near future.

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