Biden Sweating Bullets – His Rivals Are Catching Up!

( – While President Joe Biden remains the leading contender for the Democratic Party nomination in 2024, he has seen significant competition from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and other contenders, Just The News reported. Kennedy took 20% of popular primary poll metrics at the time of this report. The Hollywood “guru” Marianne Williamson claimed an additional 8%. With the ferocity of his competition, Biden took 60% of the Democratic poll at the time of this report. 

As the poll results for RFK Jr. came in, speculation about his candidacy made headlines. In an opinion for The Hill, Douglas Mackinnon wrote that, in his view, RFK Jr. would win out and become the Democratic nominee for 2022. Mackinnon compared his prediction to what he called the unlikely election of former President Donald Trump in 2016, and reasoned that, in a similar way that voters got behind Trump, voters could “seek a new champion” in the form of RFK Jr. 

As Biden sees stiff competition from his party, he also sees strong competition from the Republican Party in public hypothetical polls. In early May, Trump was leading Biden by 7 poll points in hypothetical matchups, The Hill reported. In late May, results from Interactive Polls showed that Trump led his highest-ranking rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the vote for economic improvement policy, Trump quoted in a post to Truth Social

In Republican primary polls current to the time of this report, Trump is forecast as the nominee, Trump has retaken the polls lead in California’s GOP primary, The Hill reported on May 29. 

DeSantis, meanwhile, as Trump’s leading contender has announced a formal presidential run and proceeds to “ramp up” competition with Trump in the key state of Iowa, ABC News reported. 

As the 2024 race draws closer, political analysts have pondered what the results of a rematch between Trump and Biden may look like. Analysts explained that Trump and Biden are unpopular candidates overall and that the rematch is something that Americans would “rather not see,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Polls stated that “over half” of the surveyed voters wanted neither candidate to run. 

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